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Luisa Briganti

My corner – phase one

My corner

I always thought that the greatest test for a photographer was to photograph the places where he lives and works.

So I decided to document “my corner” as if it was a challenge. The result was an idea of a private, intimate project, that has to be jealously stored and kept in the drawer of memories.
And one day…who knows?

I imagined myself as an old woman, trying to tell my grandchildren the 2020 pandemic era, through the pictures I took, my photographs, my memories, my stories. I could realize it taking my pictures, my photographs, my little story. The photographs taken in my neighborhood, in my corner.

As I photographed I realized that those images were not meant to be just my personal memories. Those photographs had to belong to everyone, they belonged to everyone. What I saw and captured was part of collective sensations and feelings. I learned to look into the eyes with greater intensity, to recognize the smiles behind the masks, I discovered people without knowing what their name was.

Bewildered eyes that meet each other, looking for awarness, comfort in the other’s gaze.

I wanted to immortalize them, forever.

I could never have imagined to live in such a situation.
This project was carried out entirely using a Smartphone and consists of 400 photographs. I have selected 70 among them and

the choice refers to the first months of lockdown.
The project is still ongoing.

This project was made only with the smartphone

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